#AM3292 IT System Administrator

Salary $75.00+  Duration 1y+
Location: Lexington, MA
Seeking to hire IT System Administrator who specializes in advanced network and communications systems development, with a focus on tactical mobile and airborne communication networks of the future. The subcontractor shall provide software systems analysis, application and operating system integration and configuration, software prototypes, and support activities as needed. One major activity includes technology development for mobile, ad hoc, heterogeneous networking in an airborne context using directional and omni-directional secure wireless transport systems. This involves research in system architecture design, modeling, analysis, prototype development, and flight test of emerging concepts and systems. This research addresses issues in topology management, resource control and allocation, efficient routing, and network quality of service as they apply to this unique and dynamic environment.


-Software systems development, implementation, integration, and support
-Documentation of software architectures, hardware, computer software, and system configuration
-System performance analyses, monitoring, and upgrades to guide system evolution, refinement of requirements, and performance assessments, as required


-BS in Computer Science or equivalent
-Minimum of 5 years’ experience in specification writing and requirements and performance analysis of advanced Unix (e.g., Linux, BSD, Solaris) or similar systems.
-Minimum of 5 years’ experience in managing and operating large system installations (50 or more
servers) or corporate data centers.
– At least 2-years’ experience in developing system automation scripts and programs for server operations in a Unix environment.


-Experience with enterprise virtual machine technologies such as VMware ESX/vSphere, Xen, Linux KVM,
or container-based solutions (OpenVZ, LXC, Jails).
-Able to demonstrate experience with networking technologies at all layers of the OSI model

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